Nov 21, 2012

DIY Hand Painted Firework Walls

Awhile back I came across this image in Lonny Magazine and fell in love with this wallpaper by Albert Hadley- it's interesting, dynamic, and best of all- I had a sneaking suspicion it would make a fabulous DIY project.

 So I grabbed my paint and brushes and got to work. Here's how to create the look in your own home.

I chose a few brushes and tested out sizes and strokes until I found one I liked. You can see the one I ended up using below. Dip your brush in the paint and do a few practice dabs to work off the excess paint.

Then gather up your courage and get painting! It's really pretty simple. Just create firework shapes starting in the center of each one. I tried to make sure they weren't too symmetrical and I made some larger and some smaller- but all of that is just style and personal preference. Tweak it how you prefer it to be.

Another thing that helped me was to stay conscious of leaving enough white space. I had a tendency to crowd the fireworks, so it was important to keep telling myself to space them out as I went.

The whole wall took me just a little over an hour, so it goes pretty quickly! Even in a larger room this would be a perfect one-day project. (Just in time for those of us with time off for Thanksgiving this weekend!!)

Here's some completed shots.


It's definitely not perfect, but I actually prefer the bits of splotchy paint and the imperfect shapes- it embraces the hand painted aesthetic after all..
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  1. That looks really great! What a great idea. I like that you did your pattern a bit less busy. Looks great!

  2. Ooh, love it. Giving me an idea for an expanse above my basement fireplace that I'm stumped by. Thanks! Love your blog!

  3. This is so awesome...I want to do this somewhere in our house!!


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