Oct 10, 2012

Halloween Mantle

This year I wanted our mantle to feel like Halloween, but stay simple and clean. I created a few small DIY projects - I'll share the how-to's later on- and then added the paper bats from last year, some spider webs, and a torn up piece of grey, sheer fabric.

I like that it's spooky without being over the top and fun without being too childish.

The best part about this mantle is that it only took a few minutes to put together and anyone can recreate the look inexpensively.

Do you have a Halloween mantle this year?

Click here to see DIY tutorials for the striped candles and little ghosts.

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  1. those candle sticks! and i totally didn't steal your bat idea... how cute is it that we both thought of it though? your bats are way cooler because of the detail. love that gray torn up fabric! super cool jenna:)

  2. I love it! The gray fabric really adds something! I just decorated my mantle too; love me some Halloween!


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